Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not Serious

I don't want to pick on T-Paw exclusively, but he just continues to amaze me with his childish ineptitude. He serves two terms as a right-leaning Governor of a blueish state. He supported cap and trade, raised taxes to balance the budget and supported TARP. He might have been right-wing in every other aspect of his Governorship (though he wasn't) but those things alone placed him firmly in the ranks of the sane Republican community. He developed a completely reasonable brand of "Sam's Club Republican." Midwestern, conservative, but reasonable. Then 2008 happened and he's taken a hard sharp turn to the right.

Since being passed over by McCain, T-Paw has basically renounced that blue collar conservatism in extraordinary and crass fashion. He's completely backtracked on his support of cap and trade, said he never truly supported TARP and put forth a hilariously unrealistic economic plan that relies heavily on the magic supply side genies to achieve fairy-tail like 5% GDP growth.

It was clear that Romney would dominate the adult's table, so T-Paw has decided to play the part of a child. The child demands unrealistic things, like 5% GDP growth. He creates elaborate unworkable plans in order to find a way to get what he simply can't have. When its clear he can't get what he wants he throws things at the adults when they aren't looking (ObamneyCare), then cowers and refuses to own up to his behavior when confronted. When the adults scold him for his brattish behavior, he simply looks bewildered and asks why everybody is so mad at him.

Very Serious People bother me. Truly smart, serious people have my respect. T-Paw tried to win the respect of the Very Serious People by being a truly serious person. He has failed at both and for that he is the worst kind of unserious person.

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