Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh Lord Hear My Prayer

Please don't let NYC Comptroller John Liu become Mayor.

I have a lot of reasons for not being particularly fond of Lui, but his complete inability to grasp the basics of the MTA is my reason de jour.

Lui, in his magnificent brilliance, pointed the finger at MTA Chairman Jay Walder for the dreadful fiscal situation the MTA finds itself in. Never mind the fact that Walder had nothing to do with the poor planning arising from the Pataki era, or that Walder has made significant steps towards increasing efficiency in the notoriously bureaucratic MTA, or that every move that Walder has made towards reining in costs have been vigorously opposed by the tough as nails TWU 100, or that Walder has been the subject of a vicious personal campaign against him by the TWU. To Lui, these factors somehow adds up to Walder being responsible for the MTA's predicament.

What then is Lui's solution to the MTA's woes? Increased federal spending. I too wish for ponies, but unfortunately I, like the MTA, have to live in our ponyless world.

I don't want my Mayor to depend on the Federal Government delivering the goods for his policies to be enacted. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Lui seems like he would be counting on. That disqualifies him from winning my support in 2013.

(h/t Second Avenue Sagas. For those of you not from the NYC area, expect to see more NYC related postings in the future)

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