Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Sean, You Again?

Felix Salmon discovers the awesomeness that is Sean Sweeney.

I love the idea of bike sharing in NYC, and Felix is right that in order for the program to be viable, there have to be bike availability in neighborhoods like SoHo. Its a busy, touristy, pedestrian heavy, traffic nightmare of a neighborhood. It's both a great origin and destination for renters. It really is perfect for bike sharing. It's an initiative that the community should be able to get behind.

Unfortunately auto-centric activists like Sweeney have undermined almost every major initiative that would improve the quality of the neighborhood for the, which is just about everybody who lives or visits SoHo by savagely defending every prerogative of car, from traffic lanes to parking spaces. This view puts the priorities of a machine before the priorities of the vast majority of the community. Yet these are the people who largely speak on behalf of SoHo residents to the City and media. Something here is terribly, terribly wrong.

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