Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Quit

Jon Kyl proving that you can't negotiate with people who have no interest in negotiating.
Kyl revealed Thursday that he told congressional leaders to find someone else to fill the supercommittee seat he had been offered if the panel intended to further trim the Pentagon budget beyond the $350 billion over 10 years that was included in the August debt deal. 
So Kyl agreed to join a panel with unlimited discretion in reducing the deficit, but thought that defense cuts wouldn't be considered. Instead of throwing a tantrum and insisting that defense remain off the table, he could not be a quitter and fight to ensure defense spending isn't cut, or he could just vote against any recommendations that include defense cuts. That seems like a more effective way to ensure defense doesn't get slashed.

I'm not Very Serious though, so what should I know about such important matters?

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