Thursday, October 13, 2011

Don't Work for Scott Brown

So Senator Brown plagiarizing former Sen. Elizabeth Dole on his official Senate webpage may or may not have been a staff error. I really don't know. Regardless, it pisses me off that he decided to throw his staff under the bus in response to the brouhaha. The adult thing to do is to say we as an office messed up, what goes on the site is ultimately my responsibility so I take responsibility for the oversight, and I promise to make sure it doesn't happen again. Then move on. 

What you don't do is deny that you lifted material from Senator Dole's site, then admit you did lift material from the site, but say it was your staff's fault and leave it at that. Doing that makes makes you look like an in-genuine guy and a bad boss. In sum, a guy you shouldn't want to work for and a guy that isn't deserving of the title "Senator."

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