Friday, October 21, 2011

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

We have a Commerce Secretary! I think now with a confirmed Secretary in place, the confidence fairy will grace us with her presence, commerce will flourish throughout the land and unemployment will magically drop to 5%. Because not having a Commerce Secretary was what was holding us back all along. Think about it. I didn't.

Sarcasm aside, I really liked Matt's take on our insane institution dysfunction regarding Presidential appointments that require Senate confirmation. Go read it. For you too lazy to read it, here's the money quote.
Someday, maybe, we’ll adopt a form of government in which jobs aren’t regularly deemed so crucial as to require Senate confirmation but sufficiently trivial as to be allowed to have nobody doing them for years. 
Maybe, but somehow I doubt we are going to get any reform coming from the Senate anytime soon. Serious business happens there, and you can't screw around with Very Serious People doing Very Serious work. Reforming the system would call into question the Seriousness of it, and lord forbid that happens.

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