Monday, September 17, 2012

Literally Worse Then Hitler

Word to the wise: anytime you make Nazi references regarding a local corruption probe, you've lost me. Somehow the slaughter of 6 million Jews doesn't compare to the inconvenience of being under investigation for campaign finance fraud.

One of the things that I truly cannot understand about the conspiracy theory tinged bitching emanating from Liu supporters is the complete lack of a reason why the Feds decided to target Liu unjustly over any other likely candidate for Mayor. For their whining to have any merit, they'd have to prove that the FBI and the US Attorney for the New York Southern District Preet Bharara has a unique ax to grind with Liu over say Quinn, De Blasio or Stringer; that the FBI/Bharara is in the tank for Quinn/De Blasio/Stringer; or that the FBI/Bharara is flat out racist against Asians. None of those arguments carry much water, but the last one in particular seems to be the one Liu supporters are hanging their hats on, and its also the one I find the least compelling. After all, Bharara is himself Indian-American.

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