Thursday, June 9, 2011

Weiner's Weiner

Everybody seems to be saying Weiner should resign. They are all fundamentally wrong. Yes, Congressman Weiner lied repeatedly to his staff, his constituents, the press, his fellow Members of Congress, his comedian friends, everybody. Yes, he showed incredibly poor judgement by tweeting lewd pictures with 6 complete strangers who may or may not be of age. And yes, he deeply hurt those closest to him, most notably his pregnant wife Huma. Still as of this moment this is not a resigning offense. Bill Clinton lied to the press, his staff and the American people. He hurt his wife deeply. But now Republicans are pining for the days of Bill Clinton's reasonable moderation. Now Anthony Weiner is no Bill Clinton, but what they did were very similar things. Bill Clinton got blow jobs from an intern and Anthony Weiner sent pictures of his erect junk to total strangers. Both involved penises, both lied about it. Clinton survived it and went on to get approval ratings in the upper 60s. The only difference is Clinton has lots and lots of friends and allies, Weiner appears to have none. If Weiner wants to, so long as no more big shoes drop, he can survive this. That said, the only thing Weiner will ever be the Mayor of is Weinerville.

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