Monday, October 3, 2011

There's Something About Texas

I've always said there were two issues where President Bush was relatively decent, immigration and STDs/AIDS prevention, especially in Africa. Well it looks like Governor Perry has similar humane inclinations to his predecessor.

There has to be something about being Governor of Texas that makes you relatively sane at least on immigration. There is such a flood of immigrants into Texas that you have to be at least marginally practical when dealing with illegal immigrants. Ignoring them isn't an option, and deporting all of them isn't an option. So you are left with making decisions on how to best accommodate those who might not have had a choice in crossing the border and coming.

This means treating them like human beings, not criminals. Governor Perry gave the children of illegal immigrants the benefits of in-state tuition to institutions of higher learning. He is doing a smart and practical thing that will improve the lives of these young people, and will make his state stronger in the long run. For his troubles the media and conservatives are pillorying him for this supposed "gaffe."His action is not a gaffe, it was a decent and humane thing to do.

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